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Children and the Millennium Development Goals: Progress Towards a World Fit for Children

Release Date: December, 2007
(also available in French, Spanish)
ISBN 13: 9789280642193
Sales Number: 08.XX.7
96 page(s), 8.5x11
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: United Nations Children's Fund

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In 2002, the Governments committed to a time-bound set of goals, strategies and actions in four areas: promoting healthy lives; providing quality education; protecting against abuse, exploitation and violence; and combating HIV/AIDS. This report provides new information and analysis on the progress the world has made in reducing child and maternal mortality and malnutrition, ensuring universal primary education, protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence, and combating HIV/AIDS. It contains updated data and presents information from 121 country and territory reports.

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