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Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Release Date: December, 2002
(also available in French, Spanish)
ISBN 13: 9789280637823
Sales Number: 02.XX.6
782 page(s), 8.25x11.5
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: United Nations Children's Fund

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Since its adoption in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has achieved almost universal ratification. This Handbook is a practical tool for all those involved in implementing the principles and provisions of the Convention. For each article of the Convention, the Handbook records and analyzes the interpretation provided by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the internationally elected body of independent experts established to monitor progress worldwide. The Handbook includes the two Optional Protocols to the Convention, their guidelines for reporting, and other new international instruments aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of children.

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