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Engendering the Political Agenda: The Role of the State, Women's Organizations and the International Community

Release Date: May, 2001
ISBN 13: 9789211270563
Sales Number: 00.III.C.2
328 page(s),
Publisher: International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women

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This publication gives a timely theoretical and practical look at why some countries have more successfully 'engendered' their politics than others. It contains three case studies on the processes of engendering the political agenda conducted in the Dominican Republic, Romania and South Africa, a comparative overview and policy recommendations. The case-studies document and analyze the way in which diverse policy processes take women's and gender equality issues into consideration. The case studies focus primarily on the issues of violence against women, women's sexual and reproductive rights, sexual exploitation and trafficking of women, women's social security rights and the impact of customary law and practices.

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