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Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation

Release Date: September, 2013
ISBN 13: 9789211541984
Sales Number: 13.XIV.2
184 page(s), 8.5x11
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: United Nations, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation aims to assist in developing quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure progress in the implementation of international human rights norms and principles. It describes the conceptual and methodological framework for human rights indicators recommended by international and national human rights mechanisms and used by a growing number of governmental and non-governmental actors. It provides concrete examples of indicators identified for a number of human rights—all originating from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—and other practical tools and illustrations, to support the realization of human rights at all levels. The Guide will be of interest to human rights advocates as well as policymakers, development practitioners, statisticians and others who are working to make human rights a reality for all.

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