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Trade and Development Report 2009: Responding to the Global Crisis - Climate Change Mitigation and Development (PDF)

Release Date: August, 2010
ISBN 13: 9789210543309
Sales Number: 09.II.D.16 P
218 page(s), 8.25x11.5
Binding: Electronic
Publisher: United Nations, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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The Trade and Development Report 2009, subtitled "Responding to the Global Crisis - Climate Change Mitigation and Developmentā€ addresses the main issues of global economic outlook and short-term policy response to the financial and economic crisis, international monetary reform to complement stricter financial regulation and climate change mitigation as a process of structural change. The report analyzes global economic prospects within the framework of the current economic and financial crisis. It also heeds the short-term fiscal, financial and monetary policies that were adopted in response to the impacts of the 2008-2009 crisis. It also looks at the question of how increased efforts aimed at climate change mitigation can be combined with forward-looking development strategies and rapid growth in developing countries.

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