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Global Atlas of Excreta, Wastewater Sludge, and Biosolids Management: Moving Forward the Sustainable and Welcome Uses of a Global Resource

Release Date: June, 2009
ISBN 13: 9789211320091
Sales Number: 09.III.Q.1
628 page(s), 8.25x11.5
Binding: Paperback
Series: Local Economic Development Series, The
Publisher: United Nations Human Settlements Programme

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Excreta and wastewater sludge are resources. Finding ways to put them to their best uses is part of developing sustainable human communities. But if not managed properly, excreta and sludge can be dangerous to human health and the environment. How to integrate theses opposing concepts is an ongoing worldwide challenge. This Atlas provides examples of how this challenge is addressed around the globe. The 59 reports provide insights into the similarities and differences in the management of excreta, wastewater, and biosolids in 37 countries. This compilation of information includes specific information from 19% of the member states of the United Nations, and includes representation of diverse countries and the full spectrum of management programs.

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