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Rise of Bilateralism, The: Comparing American, European and Asian Approaches to Preferential Trade Agreements

Release Date: June, 2009
ISBN 13: 9789280811629
Sales Number: 09.III.A.8
332 page(s), 6x9.5
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: United Nations University

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As multilateral negotiations become increasingly complex and protracted, preferential trade agreements have become the centrepiece of trade diplomacy, pushing beyond tariffs into deep integration and beyond regionalism into a web of bilateral deals, raising concerns about coercion by bigger players. This study examines American, European and Asian approaches to preferential trade agreements and their effects on trade, investment and economic welfare. It draws on the rich field of theoretical works, but also fills a gap in the literature by examining in detail the actual substance of agreements negotiated and envisaged.

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