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Voices of the Chichinautzin

Release Date: December, 2008
 (in English, French, Spanish)
ISBN 13: 9789280875010
Sales Number: 09.III.A.4
Binding: Electronic
Publisher: United Nations University

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DVD $12.00

This award winning film is part of a series of documentaries that tackle complex social and environmental issues in Latin America. The documentary follows events related to the infamous 1995 Golf War, when the inhabitants of Mexico’s Chichinautzin Biological Corridor joined forces to prevent the construction of a golf course that threatened the sustainability of the region’s natural resources. Faced with illegal logging and intense development pressures, a group of local scientists, government agencies and NGO’s are trying to help the communities find a sustainable future. Can this region and people survive as Mexico City’s demand for more space and natural resources continues to grow?

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