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Wisdom Years, The: Ageing into the 21st Century

Release Date: December, 2008
ISBN 13: 9789280875027
Sales Number: 09.III.A.3
Binding: Electronic
Publisher: United Nations University

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DVD $9.00

In Japan, one of the richest, most technological and urbanized countries in the world, more than 20% of the population is now over 65. It is at the forefront of a global ageing trend that has serious consequences for our economy and society. The Wisdom Years documentary offers a glimpse into the urban lives of elderly Japanese and their secrets of maintaining physical, mental and social health. Through scientific breakthroughs, and these everyday stories, we witness the transformation of the senior citizen in the 21st Century. The Wisdom Years is set in Japan, and offers a springboard from which to explore the process of ageing in other cities around the world.

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