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Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2005

Release Date: February, 2009
ISBN 13: 9789210612456
Sales Number: 07.XVII.10 H
1324 page(s), 8.5x11
Binding: Hardcopy
Series: Industrial Statistics (Ser. P), No.45
Publisher: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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This is the thirty-ninth in a series of annual compilations of statistics on world industry designed to meet both the general demand for information of this kind and the special requirements of the United Nations and related international bodies. The present 2005 edition Yearbook is the first one to publish data based on the full set of commodities using the new United Nations List of Industrial Products, which was established in 2005. This list replaces an older commodity list, developed in 1971, that was used for previous editions up to and including the 2003 edition. The present Yearbook is also the first one to publish data not only in physical quantities, but also in monetary value of production. It is therefore organized in two volumes, namely Volume I: Physical Quantity and Volume II: Monetary Value Data.

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