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United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Ad Hoc Missions, Permanent Engagement

Release Date: March, 2002
ISBN 13: 9789280810677
Sales Number: 01.III.A.13
280 page(s),
Publisher: United Nations University

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This volume explores the evolution of peacekeeping, particularly since the early 1990's. This period was characterized by much initial enthusiasm and hopes for a United Nations that would find a more agreeable international environment for effective and sustained operations to secure peace where it existed, and to provide peace where it did not. The first part of the book outlines the challenges of post-Cold War peacekeeping; the second part sheds light on regional experiences of peacekeeping missions, with an emphasis on the post-Soviet region and Africa. In the third part, practitioners with extensive field experience share their specific experiences in Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia, and Timor-Leste. Part four takes stock of the recent record of UN peacekeeping, and of the UN's own attempt to analyze, evaluate and reform its performance in peace operations.

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