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Conflict Prevention: Path to Peace or Grand Illusion?

Release Date: February, 2003
ISBN 13: 9789280810813
Sales Number: 03.III.A.7
312 page(s), 6x9
Binding: Paperback
Series: Foundations of Peace
Publisher: United Nations University

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This publication evaluates the institutional record on conflict prevention, identifies current trends in conflict prevention practice, and makes recommendations on improving organizational capacity. The first part of the book addresses the question: What is successful conflict prevention? The second part reflects on how existing mechanisms and instruments for conflict prevention can be properly evaluated and improved, focusing on institutions at the forefront of conflict prevention policy such as EU, the OSCE and NATO. The contributors to this book are a diverse group of individuals involved in conflict prevention activities including, scholars from developed and developing countries, and practitioners with insights on the work of regional organizations and the United Nations.

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