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Trade, Environment, and the Millennium

Release Date: May, 2002
ISBN 13: 9789280810646
Sales Number: 02.III.A.5
464 page(s), 6x9
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: United Nations University

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While most trade officials and others who have a direct interest in multilateral trade policy consider the multilateral system to be a major contributor to the enormous growth of world trade and income over the past half century, the World Trade Oragnization (WTO) is viewed with suspicion and even animosity by many environmentalists. Some maintain that trade liberalization under WTO auspices has led to an environmentally harmful exploitation of natural and other resources, and others argue that the WTO hampers governments in pursuing environmentally friendly policies. The principal issues in the trade and environment debate preoccupied negotiations at the close of the twentieth century. With the failure to launch a new round of WTO negotiations in Seattle in 2000, these fundamental issues returned to the agenda at the meeting of Trade Ministers in 2001 in Qatar. This volume provides an overview of the key issues in the new round of multilateral negotiations.

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